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Aobi Island web game➣➣Aobi Island web game work place

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➣➣This article tells you about the Aobi Island web game and the knowledge points corresponding to the Aobi Island web game work location. I hope it will be helpful to you Don't forget to bookmark this site. Article catalog: 1. Why does Obi Island have browser restrictions? 2. How many kinds of colorful flower gift boxes are there in Obi Island? Is Obi Island okay? Why Obi Island has browser restrictions 1. Because Obi Island is a web game, there is a compatibility problem. After clearing the cache of the browser, you can’t log in to Obi Island after many attempts. It may be because your computer is logging in An outdated version of "Obi Island", at this time, you need to clear the cache on your computer, and then you can log in to the latest version. 2. Why can't Obi Island log into the Obi Island web game? When this happens, it may be caused by network congestion during peak hours. It is recommended that you try to log in a few more times. If you still cannot log in, you can try the following methods. 3. Empty the cache of the browser. After several attempts to log in to Aobi Island, it may be because your computer is logging in to an outdated version of "Obi Island". At this time, you need to clear the cache on your computer before you can log in. Log in to the latest version of "Obi Island". Don't worry, it's definitely an easy thing to do. 4. But if there is no invitation code, it may be that your IE browser has a cache error. Right-click the desktop IE browser, select Properties, and on the regular page, click the button to delete files, select Delete All, and click the button to delete cookies. 5. Because the configuration requirement of Aobi Island is to be able to open web pages with a browser and a Flash10 player. Tablet PCs with Android system can directly open the webpage and play. Only browsers that support Flash can play. No web flash plug-in needs to be downloaded. Download method: Open the app store and search for the Flash plug-in. 6. Usually there are three situations: this browser is broken Obi Island web game, change to another browser, your computer is stuck or the network is disconnected, restart or check the network cable, wireless network Obi page has a problem [should No, I just shut down Obi Island and it's fine. There are several kinds of colorful flower gift boxes in Aobi Island. 1. Hello. These are small decorations. There are 7 colors in total. Every time you get a color, you can put it in your hut or in the garden. It is a kind of furniture for decoration. However, this kind of gift box cannot be clicked to open and change direction. It is simply a piece of furniture for decoration. 2. Collect all the seven-color flowers once, and you can draw a gift box, which can be used to decorate the cottage. If you have seven different colors, you can go to the cave to identify the words on the wall. 3. No matter how many times you complete the seven-color flower task, you will be given a small gift box, but the colors you draw may be different, it depends on your own luck. 4. You can do the task of colorful flowers on Obi Island once a day. After completing the task, you will get 7 colors and one of them at the bottom of Orbis Mountain, which is under the cable car at the foot of the mountain. 5. Add 84 points of comfort. In the game of Obi Island, players can use seven-color flowers to exchange for seven-color flower gift boxes in Arras. After using the game settings, the comfort level can be increased by 84 points. Seven-color flower gift boxes are indoor and outdoor furnishings, which can be found in the backpack, and click to go display. 6. Seven-color flower: Balloon blowing in Yunxiao Paradise: Click on the yellow balloon on the left speaker of Yunxiao Paradise, and you will see green flowers. Is Aobi Island the same as Locke Kingdom? 1. Aobi Island provides safe, healthy and interesting Internet services for children aged 6-14 in China, so that children can give full play to their imagination and creativity in the green virtual world , Satisfy your childhood dreams, so as to cultivate a more healthy and positive outlook on life and the world. 2. Aobi Island is: Aobi Island Dreamland is a mobile game developed by the community. In this game, we will become the cute Obi and live with other players in Obi Island. During this period, we can not only change our clothes freely, but also build our own personalized home. 3. For this type, you can play Moore Manor, Purcell and Aura Star. They are all web games like Locke Kingdom. Web games can be played directly in the browser of the mobile phone. 4. I suggest girls to play Obi Island, because there are many beautiful clothes in it. My sister is also playing, and it is a joy to watch and play every time. 5. I think Obi Island is better. Because Obi Island can be traded. (Great.), there are farms, zoos. Botanical Gardens, and the Tarot Temple. Obi Island is comprehensively developed, fighting, transforming, following, ranching, dressing up, family, nurturing, and academy. It is relatively comprehensive, but it is a matter of money and VIP. 6. You can say yes, or you can say no. Because there is nothing wrong with learning from each other. Speaking of plagiarism, it is probably the fans of Moore and Obie. Because there will be people talking about similar games. In fact, if it really counts, it should be a combination of Mole/Obi and Purcell. What is Obi Island? Obi Island Dream Country is a mobile game of Obi Island web game developed by the community. In this game, we will become the cute Obi Obi web game, With other players in the Obi Island web game, we can live in Obi Island. During this period, we can not only change our clothes freely, but also build our own personalized home. On September 25, 2008, "Obi Island" was developed by Guangzhou Baitian Information Technology Co., Ltd., a game community focusing on making friends and simulating business, and it was officially released on September 25, 2008. It is an online green and healthy paradise for children aged 6-12, and it is a virtual city life game. Is it okay to play Obi Island on an iPhone? There is no Obi Island mobile version in Aobi Island, just a little assistant. Apple phones are not currently supported. Aobi Island - In 2008, Guangzhou Baitian developed the web game "Aobi Island", a children's web game developed and operated by Guangzhou Baitian Information Technology Co., Ltd. It was released in September 2008. interoperable. [Expanded content] First of all, as long as it is an official server account, ios and Android data are interoperable. With the same official server account, you can log in on Apple or Android, and the official server Android and Apple can add data to each other. friend's. Can't. According to relevant public information inquiries, ipad4 has been produced for a long time and cannot play online games. Before the public beta, players who participated in the official Android payment test can use the same Thunder account to receive recharge returns on either IOS or official Android, but they can only receive it once. Obi Island Raiders lacks stamina in the early stage of the game, the upper limit of stamina will be increased by 50 per level, and the stamina will be fully recovered the next day. This is the end of the introduction of the Aobi Island web game. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the places where the Aobi Island web game works and the Aobi Island web game, don’t forget to search on this site.

Aobi Island web game➣➣Aobi Island web game work place