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The exact position of the milk root➣➣

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➣➣Today I will share with you the knowledge of the milk root, which will also explain the exact location of the milk root. If it happens to solve the problem you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention This site, let's start now! Article catalog: 1. The location of Rugen acupoint 2. Is it reliable to breastfeed in the breast? 3. Herbal Rugen 4. Reasons why babies are prone to rotten breasts when breastfeeding 5. Efficacy and function of massaging Rugen point and self-massage method Location of Rugen point: This point is located on the chest of the human body. , the root of the breast, when the fifth intercostal space, 4 inches from the anterior midline. Located in the fifth intercostal space, the lower part of the pectoralis major, the deep layer contains the internal and external intercostal muscles; the intercostal artery and the superficial chest wall vein; the lateral cutaneous branch of the fifth intercostal nerve, and the deep layer is the intercostal nerve trunk. Rugen acupoint Rǔgēn (ST18) is an acupoint on the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming. Rugen, as the name of the acupoint describes, is the lower root of the breast. If the breasts do not sag excessively, the nipple should be located in the fourth flank space, and the exact position of the Rugen acupoint should be directly below the nipple, in the fifth flank space, and 4 inches from the front midline. Rugen acupoint is the acupoint of the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming, located directly below the nipple, at the root of the breast, at the fifth intercostal space, 4 inches from the anterior midline. Is breastfeeding reliable? 1. Dear friends, it is generally not recommended to use prolactin products for the following reasons: breastfeeding is a special period, and health should be the first priority. Once lactation products contain unsafe ingredients, such as hormones, it will be harmful to the mother and child. The lack of breast milk has a lot to do with the lack of energy and blood in the body. Pay attention to the diet structure. 2. Lactation-promoting medicine is more useful. It can help people with less breast milk to catch up with milk, and the effect is relatively wrong. Pay more attention to your health when promoting lactation, and sometimes there will be side effects. 3. Under normal circumstances, when milk is insufficient, you can drink raw milk to help milk production. If you take raw milk, you need to drink one bottle at a time. When taking it, it is recommended to warm it up before drinking. Generally, it is flexibly controlled according to the baby's hunger and fullness requirements, and each time the breasts on both sides should be sucked alternately at the same time. 4. A prolactinist is still very useful. A prolactinist is to help mothers solve milk deficiency or breast diseases. Prolactinists use essential oils or acupressure to help women produce milk. A professional lactation therapist will enlighten the parturient, let the parturient eat a reasonable diet, add appropriate exercise and massage acupoints to help her gradually produce milk. 5. Some prescriptions for breastfeeding on the Internet should be used with caution. It is recommended to try the method first. If the effect is not obvious, you can buy milk medicine. It is best to consult a doctor for medication, and do not use it privately. Insufficient milk first requires the determination to breastfeed the child. Suck frequently, try to feed your baby 12 times in 24 hours. Use a breast pump if your baby won't eat. 6. What is the effect of breastfeeding milk? The effect of breast milk is relatively good, so you should pay attention to actively strengthen nutrition and arrange medication to help lactation. Be careful not to stay up late. Generally speaking, as long as it is used by pregnant women, it will not be harmful to buy it from regular channels. Herbal milk root tuberculosis root: 30 grams of rat milk root, 15 grams of bletilla striata, decocted in water. Treatment of hepatitis: 30 grams each of rat milk root and cat hair grass, decocted in water. Rat milk radically cures stomach cold and pain: 30 grams of rat milk root, stewed in wine and taken. Treatment of scrofula and phlegm: (1) 30 grams of rat milk root, decocted in water. Add winter melon for body heat, and cook lean pork for body cold. Iron clad gold [alias] rat milk root, mouse ear, duck male green, oolong root [introduction] Berchemia lineata (L.) DC. It can be harvested throughout the year, washed and sliced, and dried in the sun. [nature, flavor and meridian distribution] slightly bitter, astringent, flat. Stalactites ("Materia Medica Chongyuan") [synonyms] stalactites ("The Classics"), Xuzhong, stalactites ("Wu Pu Materia Medica"), male breasts, left male breasts, reed stones, Xia Shi ("Bie Jing") "Record"), Huangshisha ("On the Properties of Medicine"), Lubu, Xiarugen ("Shiyao Erya"). Traditional Chinese medicine breast enhancement soup 1: Siwu breast enhancement soup Ingredients: The ingredients of Siwu breast enhancement soup are very simple, only need 10 grams of white peony root, 15 grams of rehmannia glutinosa, 10 grams of Chuanxiong and 10 grams of angelica. Method: This medicinal material can be boiled twice in a row. For the first time, add three bowls of water to decoct the material into one bowl, then turn off the heat, and filter the residue to get the soup. It is hoped that it can help lung cancer patients to recover as soon as possible, provided that it is used under the guidance of a doctor. Recipe 1: 50 grams each of Hedyotis diffusa and Scutellaria barbata, 25 grams of hives, 50 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 12 grams of mountain bean root, 20 grams of Shanzi mushroom, 30 grams of each of Diding, Yimi, seaweed and kelp , 15 grams each of Dabei and Gualou. It’s not serious and won’t get worse. Hyperplasia of the breast is generally benign. The reason for not having surgery is because the sarcoma is too small for surgery, and it’s not time for surgery. Let your mother not worry, because this disease has a lot to do with your mood. big relationship. If you are in a good mood, you will be half as good as you are when you are sick. Reasons why babies tend to rot when breastfeeding 1. In the first few days after birth, the new mother failed to breastfeed effectively and failed to empty the breast in time. The milk accumulated in the breast, resulting in blocked mammary ducts and breast lumps. Common causes of fouling. The baby's breastfeeding posture is wrong, which leads to chapped nipples, and the mother refuses to breastfeed because of pain, which is also the reason for milk deposition. 2. There are many reasons for repeated milk blockage. If the mother has mastitis before and has been treated, but the treatment is not thorough, then it is easy to have repeated milk blockage during breastfeeding. 3. Breast milk will not deteriorate in the breast. The so-called deterioration of breast milk is due to the decomposition of bacteria and the destruction of protein components. If the breast does not feel dry, it means that there is no milk stasis. 4. If there is little postpartum milk, the mother must let the baby suck more, squeeze it clean after each sucking, use a breast pump to promote milk secretion from the breast, and eat more "fishy" food. After eating some meat, the milk will increase significantly, commonly known as "noisy fishy". 5. However, there is still a difference between when the milk burst comes and when it does not come. If the mother wants to feel it, she must pay attention to feeling it when the baby is breastfeeding. 6. But when breastfeeding the baby, due to the development of the mammary ducts in the breast, the chest becomes bigger, and the difference will come out. Efficacy and function of massaging Rugen acupoint and self-massage method 1. Long-term Rugen massage will have a significant effect. Secondly, it can relieve breast distension and pain. Breastfeeding women often have breast distension and pain. Massaging the Rugen acupoint can relieve breast distension and pain. It can also treat the condition of insufficient milk during lactation and relieve the increase in leukocytes in the breast. caused by mastitis. 2. Efficacy interpretation of Rugen: It can improve symptoms such as insufficient milk secretion, abdominal distension and chest pain, cough and asthma. Rugen acupoint is an important point for treating postpartum lack of milk. Massaging this acupoint can dredge the meridians and activate collaterals, promote qi circulation and relieve depression, so as to dredge local qi and blood and promote milk secretion. Dabao acupoint location: On the side chest, on the midaxillary line, at the 6th intercostal space. 3. The function of Rugen point Rugen point is an important point to prevent breast sagging. It is named because it is located at the root of the nipple. The Qi of the spleen and earth stays around this point. Often stimulating this point has the functions of promoting lung and regulating qi, clearing milk and removing blood stasis. The effect of drying dampness and invigorating the spleen. 4. Massage the breast root: promote body fluid circulation. Massaging the breast root point can make estrogen secretion, lymphatic and other body fluid circulation unimpeded, and it also has a good effect on postpartum milk replenishment. The Rugen point is located directly below the nipple, about 2 fingers apart, in the 4th intercostal space. This is the end of the introduction of Rugen. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the exact location and information of Rugen, don’t forget to search on this site.

The exact position of the milk root➣➣