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How to optimize the website➻➻The tutorial of website optimization

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➻➻This article will talk about how to optimize the website and the knowledge points corresponding to the tutorial of website optimization. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. . List of contents of this article: 1. Internet ASO optimization 2. How to do a good job in website optimization 3. What skills must be known for website optimization 4. How to carry out website promotion and optimization (3) Internet ASO optimization 1. What is ASO optimization? "ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of improving your APP's ranking in various APP electronic market rankings and search results. 2. ASO search optimization includes: list optimization, search optimization, recommendation optimization, list optimization, ranking: list The main performance means of optimization is to achieve the effect of improving the ranking of the list through a large number of downloads within a period of time, so as to obtain a higher position on the list. 3. There are many ways to optimize keywords in ASO, because APP keywords It is impossible to remain unchanged. Whether the keywords selected by hot spots can explode in the early stage depends on luck, and some high-index industry words cannot be formed due to competition. 4. The optimization methods are roughly divided into: basic optimization, advanced optimization, high-level optimization There are three stages of super-optimization. 5. At this time, the coverage and capacity of keywords have reached a certain level, and it is necessary to optimize the ranking of keywords. You can improve the ranking through points wall and other methods, and increase the popularity of popular keywords. Attention, such as popular crowd words, behavior words, function words, etc., form a keyword matrix that is beneficial to you. 6. From the perspective of time, it refers to the work that needs to be prepared before and after ASO optimization, and these tasks determine the entire ASO The final effect of optimization. The advantages of the product; clear the selling point of the product, the portrait of the user, and the usage scenario of the user. How to do a good job in website optimization Keyword research and selection How to optimize the website: by analyzing user search behavior and competition situation website How to optimize, determine the keywords suitable for the website, and carry out a reasonable ranking strategy.Content optimization: improve user experience and search engine evaluation of the website by optimizing the content quality, structure and language expression of the website The first thing is to do a good job in the relevance of the website content, that is, the links in the website, and increase the closeness between the pages of the website. When planning the website, it will definitely be classified, but no matter how it is classified, there will be intersections in the content. Therefore, You can link highly relevant pages through keyword search, manual addition, etc. What are the methods for optimizing a website? What are the page keywords and keyword density optimization? Many search engines use the keyword density of a page to determine the importance of the page. The higher the degree of relevance, the higher the relevance of the page, so it should be ensured that the keywords are fully utilized and reasonably distributed throughout the webpage. Website directory and page optimization: SEO is not only about making the homepage of the website more popular in search engines To have a good ranking, the most important thing is to bring traffic to every page of the website. Long-tail keywords are optimized on the inside page. Keyword strategy. Mining, analyzing, screening keywords, and sorting out the keyword list. This is also the most important The most important thing is how well the keywords are selected for website optimization. The foundation of optimization is also considered stable. Mining and analyzing long-tail keywords and optimizing long-tail keywords are of great help to core words. What skills must be known for website optimization 1 2. Pay attention to the originality of website content. The purpose of search engines is to provide users with high-quality content. Therefore, for websites, the website content must be updated frequently, and it must be original to be favored by search engines. 2. Regularly publish content and arrange links reasonably Search engines like regular website content updates, so reasonably arranging the website content release schedule is one of the important skills of SEO optimization. 3. The three elements of website SEO basic optimization TDK T is the title of the website, D is the description of the website, and K is the keywords of the website. 4. Link optimization Website structure optimization Establish a site map As long as possible, it is best to build a complete site map sitemap for the website. At the same time, put the link of the site map on the home page, so that the search engine can easily discover and crawl all web page information. Each web page can be reached at most four clicks away from the home page. How to carry out website promotion and optimization (3) Competitor research and analysis How to do website optimization You need to check the top 10 competitors in the industry you are most interested in and find out how their websites are. Indicators such as network promotion optimization, PR, reverse Links, text content, etc. SEO optimization SEO refers to using the rules of search engines to improve the natural ranking of websites in search engines, thereby obtaining more free traffic, which is the main promotion method in recent years. Website url optimization, whether the url contains keywords, url structure, shorten the length of the url as much as possible, and whether there are a large number of secondary sites. The tkd setting at the head of the website, in case the search engine has automatic code transfer, 301 directs these, whether the website 404 is set. The verification code of related sites is added and other settings. This is the end of the introduction on how to optimize the website and the tutorial on website optimization. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

How to optimize the website➻➻The tutorial of website optimization