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Fanjingshan➣➣Fanjingshan Weather

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➣➣Today I will share with you the knowledge of Fanjingshan, which will also explain the weather of Fanjingshan. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention This site, let's start now! Article catalog: 1. Travel strategy of Fanjing Mountain Self-guided travel strategy of Mount Fanjing 2. Introduction of Mount Fanjing attractions in Guizhou 3. What are the attractions of Mount Fanjing Mountain climbing in winter requires quick-drying clothes and fleece jackets. You can wear thin thermal underwear or sports underwear + fleece jackets when you take the cableway to the top of the mountain. The front is made of stone pieces from Mount Fanjing, and there is a doorway in the middle for people to enter and exit. The two walls on the inside are the neat cliffs of Mount Fanjing. Passing through this hut, there is a lane leading directly to the "burning lighthouse" on the top of the cliff. , visitors need to be calm, put in all their strength, step on the narrow "ladder" with their feet, and hold the iron chain on the side of the ladder tightly with both hands before they can climb up. Accommodation: There is no accommodation on the top of Mount Fanjing; in order to avoid causing greater pollution to the environment, the cableway is open for enough time to go up and down in one day. Travel strategy Fanjing Scenic Area has two entrances and exits, the east gate and the west gate, about 75 kilometers apart. So when you play, you must be optimistic about the strategy in advance, choose the entrance, and climb the mountain. At present, there is no cableway at the west gate of the scenic spot, and the traffic is inconvenient, so most tourists choose to enter the scenic spot from the east gate. There are three different tourist routes. ), and individual tickets are no longer sold at windows and self-service machines. Therefore, you must buy tickets in advance, otherwise you will not be able to buy individual passenger tickets when you arrive at the scenic spot, and you can only make a trip for nothing. Note: Tickets purchased on other platforms may not be accepted by the scenic spot. It is recommended to purchase tickets on the WeChat official account of "Fanjingshan Ecological Tourism Zone". Guizhou Fanjingshan Attractions Introduction 1. Fanjingshan The special attractions of Fanjingshan include Hongyun Jinding, Mushroom Stone, Wanmi Sleeping Buddha and so on. The specific content is as follows: Hongyun Jinding mountain peak rises from Fanjing Mountain, with a vertical height difference of 100 meters. The upper part is divided into two Fanjing Mountains, which are linked by a sky bridge. A temple is built on each side, and one side is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha and the other side is dedicated to Maitreya Buddha. 2. The scenic spots of Fanjing Mountain include Hongyun Jinding, Yuejing Mountain, Wanmi Sleeping Buddha, Mushroom Stone, Cheng'en Temple, etc. Hongyun Jinding Fanjing Mountain Hongyun Jinding stone peak is 94 meters high, straight and steep, rising like a huge pillar of the sky. It faces Yuejing Mountain from north to south, forming a confrontation between two peaks, and the scenery is extremely spectacular. 3. Mount Fanjing is located at the junction of Yinjiang, Jiangkou and Songtao counties in Tongren City, Guizhou Province, China, with a total area of 567 square kilometers, a heritage area of 4,075 square kilometers, and a buffer zone of 3,739 square kilometers. What are the attractions of Mount Fanjing? However, in fact, the beauty of a village is hidden in Fenjing Mountain, which is a treasured place for photographers. Although this place is rural, the tranquility that the city cannot provide. Interesting attractions in Mount Fanjing include: Mushroom Rock, Eagle Rock, Red Cloud Golden Summit, Ten Thousand Meter Sleeping Buddha, and Ten Thousand Volumes of Sutras. Fanjing Mountain was originally called "Three Valleys" and got its name from "Brahma Pure Land". Buddhism here was founded in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Ming Dynasty. It is a famous Buddhist mountain with a long history. Phoenix Mountain Fenghuang Mountain is the main peak of Fanjing Mountain, with an altitude of 2572 meters. Laojinding Laojinding is 2493 meters above sea level and is the second highest peak of Mount Fanjing. Because the image of Maitreya Buddha preaching to all living beings often appears on the stone wall under the moonlight, it is also known as "Moon Mirror Mountain". On the old golden roof, there is a burning lamp hall, which is dedicated to the ancient Buddha burning lamp. The special scenic spots of Mount Fanjing include Hongyun Jinding, Mushroom Stone, Ten Thousand Meter Sleeping Buddha and so on. The specific content is as follows: Hongyun Jinding mountain peak rises from the ground, with a vertical height difference of 100 meters. The upper part is divided into two, connected by a sky bridge, and a temple is built on each side, one side is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha, and the other side is dedicated to Maitreya Buddha. The Dong Village is only 3 kilometers away from the gate of Fanjingshan Scenic Area. In front of it is the winding Taiping River. The river is crystal clear and belongs to the national first-class drinking water source. That’s all for the introduction of Fanjingshan. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about the weather and Fanjingshan on this site.

Fanjingshan➣➣Fanjingshan Weather