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Pictures of Sichuan Snack Street➻➻Where is the most famous Sichuan Snack Street

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➻➻This article will tell you about the pictures of Sichuan Snack Street and the corresponding knowledge points about where the Sichuan Snack Street is the most famous. I hope it will be helpful to you, don’t Forgot to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. There are 4 snack streets in China that are expensive and taste bad. Have you been cheated? 2. What are the delicious snack streets in Leshan? 3. Where is the authentic and cheap snack street in Chengdu? There are 4 snack street prices in China Expensive taste is bad, have you been cheated? The next thing I want to share with you is the 4 food streets with the worst reputation in China, which have been complained by countless netizens. Xi'an Huimin Street Xi'an is a relatively famous tourist city in China, and some of its delicacies are even more famous. Once upon a time, Huimin Street in Xi'an was the block with the most concentrated snacks in Xi'an. It has a history of thousands of years. consists of streets. Pichaiyuan is one of the most popular food streets in Qingdao. There are mostly seafood, but some shops are shoddy. If you don’t choose the shops carefully, it’s really easy to step into the pit. Therefore, Pichaiyuan is only suitable for taking pictures and proving that you have been here. If you want to eat delicious food, you should go to Taitung Snack Street. Three food streets that are often complained about: Shanghai Town God's Temple, Xi'an Huimin Street, Chengdu Jinli The so-called food is the most important thing for the people. Food has always been quite deceptive. When going to a new city, it is often necessary to taste the local food carefully. For gourmet food, when encountering some special snacks, many people will deliberately take them back to taste for family and friends. "Watching the murals in the morning and enjoying the lights at night, shopping and leisure in Taitung", the strong modern atmosphere and strong popularity make Taitung the most distinctive commercial pedestrian street in Qingdao. The daily flow of people reaches 200,000 person-times, with a maximum of 500,000 person-times. It is one of the five major business districts in Daocheng. There are 3 very deceitful snack streets in China. Especially for tourists from other places, authentic snacks are often found in the alleys on both sides, so tourists who go to the snack street to eat are "stupid people with a lot of money". Smart people know to go to the alley next to the snack street. What are the delicious snack streets in Leshan? 1. In Leshan Zhanggongqiao Food Street. Pictures of Zhanggongqiao Food Street Sichuan Snack Street. Every Leshan person knows this food street that is the most qualified for the picture of Sichuan Snack Street. The sky is not the same. For foreigners: "If you don't come to Zhanggong Bridge, don't say you have been to Leshan." 2. The Arch Bridge Food Street, which everyone knows in Leshan, is the most qualified food street with the most complete types of food, from snacks to dinners. Supper, let you eat from morning to night, the same for three days. For outsiders: "Don't say you have been to Leshan if you haven't been to Zhanggong Bridge. 3. Leshan Food Street is located in Zhanggongqiao Street, Jiading Middle Road, Leshan City. When it comes to Leshan food, Zhanggongqiao is a very famous Internet celebrity food street. The street is only a hundred feet long, but there are hundreds of delicious food that are worth aftertaste. Leshan Zhanggongqiao Food Street, built in Zhanggongqiao during the reign of Kangxi, experienced more than 300 years of ups and downs. 4. The recommendation of Leshan Food Street is as follows: Stilted Beef Stilted Beef is a famous dish with a long history in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. The main raw materials are beef, beef tongue, beef liver, beef ear and so on. The color and fragrance are beautiful, the entrance is smooth, and the taste is extremely delicious. Where is the authentic and cheap snack street in Chengdu? Huaxing Street: Huaxing Street in Chengdu is a back street parallel to Zongfu Road. On one side, there are many high-rise avenues stained with Zongfu Road. On the other side, there are old houses and old houses, which are authentic. , known as "the downtown in the downtown". Kurtu·Fengyun Street: There are unique delicacies here, and it is also a favorite place for foodies in Chengdu. Xiaotong Lane, a snack street in Chengdu, is authentic and cheap. In Chengdu, Sichuan, not only has a long history and cultural heritage, but also there are many kinds of delicacies in the streets and alleys. It can be said that it is a veritable city of gourmet food, so many tourists come here to eat the authentic food here. . Go to some colleges. There are usually many snacks near the school. Even if there is no one near the school, it is no problem to follow the students. Students love to eat them! There are specific ones near Sichuan University. Chengdu Snack Street Encyclopedia (with detailed address and delicious index) "He's Tofu" next to P Botanical Garden, the absolute number one tofu. Recommended "tomato tofu". This is the end of the introduction to the pictures of Sichuan Snack Street. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about where the Sichuan Snack Street is most famous and the pictures of Sichuan Snack Street, don’t forget to search on this site.

Pictures of Sichuan Snack Street➻➻Where is the most famous Sichuan Snack Street